Information Fluency Resources

Analyzing Current Events
Database Commercial
Library Scavenger Hunt
Information Fluency Videos
Library Orientation
What's the Fuss About the Thesis?
How to Make Google Go
What About Wikipedia?
Databases are different
Internet Detective
What is open source? (podcast)
Improving Presentations (Brian's movie)
Developing a thesis
Power Searching 501 (PPT)
Developing a Research Pathfinder (template)
Evaluating Blogs
Evaluating Wikis
SearchQuest Unit: Evaluating the Search Tools
WebQuest About Evaluating WebSites
What is Information Literacy and Why Should I Care?
Question Brainstormer
Research Rubric
Topic vs. Keyword
Evaluation PowerPoint
Guidelines for Multimedia and Web Production
Letter Requesting Permission of Copyright Holder (Template)
Why should I take this author seriously?
Practice Ranking Sources (High School)
Reflecting on the research process
Research ChecBric
Ancient World Pages to Evaluate
Is it plagiarism?
Use CARRDSS to evaluate your sources
Plagiarism vs. documentation
Summarizing, Paraphrasing, and Quoting
Debate Organizer
Speech Organizer
Multimedia Rubric
Top Ten Tips for Teachers
Online Activities Promoting Information Literacy
Middle Ages: Pages to Evaluate
Thesis Generator
US History Question Brainstormer
Research Standard Log
Research Conference Form
Thesis Role Play
Letter for Parents About "the Changes"
Download Plagiarism PowerPoint (from 3/5 Inservice)
Weaving Quotes into your Writing
Works Cited and Works Consulted: Which to Use When?
Sample Acknowledgments
Writing Evaluative Annotations (scroll down)
Guidelines for Documentation Formats
Literary Criticism Annotation (Mrs. Ward)
Distinguishing Among Scholarly, Popular, and Trade Publications
Research Process
Developing an Interpretation: A Process
Practice Ranking Sources (Middle School)
Is the World Flat?
The new database
Searchies Awards!
Spartan Notes
Spartan Notes (color)
Writing Flow Chart
Current Events Planner